Friday, August 6, 2010

Sydney Croft- Riding the Storm (book 1)

Remy is a soon to be ex-Navy SEAL who can control the weather or better yet the weather can control Remy. He was born during a Cat 5 hurricane in the middle of the Louisiana bayou and left on the steps of a church when his mom died during childbirth. Remy Sr. adopted him when no one else would take him in. Even at a young age Remy was able to make it rain or storm. When he got old enough to leave the bayou he joined the Navy but soon his team found out that he was a little strange with storms always coming up when he was around or having their equipment short circuit out when he was near. Remy received a voice mail from his father which didn't sound right to him so he went home to check on his alcoholic father. Haley is a parameteorologist who works for ARCO, an agency that provides people with special abilities to help the US and other countries with secret missions. Haley was sent to bring Remy into the ARCO family and to use any means necessary to get him to join. What Haley didn't know was that when there was a storm coming or when Mother Nature wanted to play with Remy he had uncontrollable lust that had to be sated. He was wild with lust and could barely control his body during storms. Haley knew having sex with him was not offically part of the job but she did it anyway and Remy noticed a tattoo on her hip, he was shocked to see the same tattoo on her hip that he designed himself and had been dreaming about since he was 10 years old. After a very wild night of sex he woke up to have the same tattoo mirror imaged onto his hip. He then started thinking Haley was more than what she was telling him she was, so she explained what she could about ARCO but at that same time the evil group Itor tried to kidnap both of them. Itor did capture them both and Remy found out that he and Haley could have mind sex through their tattoos. So with help from other ARCO agents they escaped but Haley was injured in the process. They were all taken back to ARCO headquarters and he was given the option of joining but he would not decide until he knew Haley was ok and he was able to talk to her about it. At separate times they were both told that the reason they both had the same tattoos were because they were soul mates- awww so sweet. Ok SO much more happened in this book, I highly recommend you read this series. My Rating: 4.5


  1. I would love to be in any strom with remy.. to help it uMMM pass

  2. you second that.. because you would to be after me since i read him first.. hahahahaha

  3. LOL I enjoyed Remy a lot. He is one of my favorites. Remy and Haley are a great couple