Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sydney Croft- Seduced by the Storm (book 3)

Well just where do I start with Wyatt???  Of course Wyatt is a secret agent with ARCO and his special ability is telekinetics with a special sexual ability that makes him just about irresistible to almost anyone- male and females both with the only down side to that ability is that he can have sex with someone and they will not remember it the next day. Wyatt meets Faith in a bar in Florida where she is running from another agent that is trying to kill her. Little does Wyatt know that Faith also works for a secret agency like ARCO but it is one that she and a partner started years before in London. Wyatt is in Florida trying to get onto the oil rig that has the weather machine that Itor is controlling. Faith is also out to get the weather machine but unlike Wyatt she wants to get it to give to a group of blackmailers who she thinks are holding her twin sister hostage. Wyatt's orders are to destroy the machine no matter what. The night they meet in the bar they have incredible sex in her hotel room and he leaves her the next morning without saying goodbye, when they end up on the same rig both are surprised to see each other but him more so when she talks about the night of sex they had and him leaving her. The head Itor man controlling the weather machine is Faith's friend and ex-lover, he kidnaps Wyatt and uses Faith to control him with her other special ability- she can control a person's insides-like put pressure on a heart or squeeze a lung- so with cameras rolling she tells him to pretend she is torturing him instead she is healing him from his previous torture. So they get the weather machine and escape with bodies flying everywhere and they make it to shore. She finds out he is ARCO and he finds out she is from the other agency but they work together to go rescue her sister, who has not been kidnapped but is working with another bad group. Ok again people die, they escape with her sister, Wyatt & her sister are locked in a mental hospital, she helps him get free, mad crazy sex is going on, he leaves her and crushes the weather machine but it is too late a cat 5 hurricane is heading for NY. Remy & Haley go to try to destroy the hurricane with more mad crazy sex. Babies are born, new news of more babies on the way and Wyatt and Faith make up BUT tons more things happen in this book. Seriously these men in these books are funny and arrogant- I really like them!!!  My Rating: 4.5


  1. this one was one of my favorites.. Hot so Hot

  2. I think I liked the fact that he held nothing back- he says what he wants to say and does exactly what he wants to do AND he is very protective of what he thinks of as HIS