Friday, August 20, 2010

Sydney Croft- Tempting the Fire (book 5)

It's been a while since I read a book in two days but I did on this one, I could hardly put it down to go to sleep. Like the other books this one has a few different story lines going on at once but they are all tied together with the same people from the previous books with a few new ones thrown in. I will stick to the main four though, Marlena, who was Dev's personal assistant is now a Seducer, is sent on a mission with Sela who is a cryptozoologist but was a Seducer before. They are sent to the Amazon jungle to get information on Logan and his company who they believe is making weapons for Itor. Sela's special ability is to read a persons thoughts when they have an orgasms, but she was not sent to as a Seducer on this mission that is up to Marlena to get the info through sex. When they get to the jungle they are taken hostage by Logan and his men and taken back to their camp. Sela and Marlena are also there to find out what attacked and killed a group on Navy SEAL's and to see if they can locate the one that is considered missing. Logan is taken with Sela from the very beginning because of her smartass mouth so he keeps her close to him at all times. Marlena is sent to the medical tent to be held there until they can question them both but while there she finds Chance, the missing SEAL, he is wounded but is fully aware that she is now in the tent with him. He crawls on top of her and they have wild crazy sex and then she is taken away from him and he changes into a wild crazy creature. They all knew he was attacked by a Chupacabra but did not know he was infected and could turn into one. His pull to Marlena and the sex they had actually mated them for life. Sela did end up having to have sex with Logan but she could not get a good read on him, something in his brain was stopping her from getting the whole story. Long story short- Itor shows up wanting the original Chupa back or Chance in its place, Marlena wants to stay with Chance no matter what, ARCO agents show up, bad things happen, they all go back to ARCO and maybe there are happy endings, maybe not. I think I know who will be in the next book and I am really looking forward to it if it was as good as this one.  My Rating: 4.5


  1. oh i loved this book.. i think they had like 6 couples going one.. two were from the earlier books.. but i Loved Chance and logan... their stories were so good.. i couldnt tell who was the main story line.. which was also good.. I was happy when marlenas curse was side stepped by chances creature and how Logan body side stepped sela abilities .. oh i still miss OZ.. I love Creed even more.. Annika always makes me mad..

  2. Annika doesn't bother me. I am glad it worked out for Marlena and Sela. Stryker is interesting and I can't wait for last book.