Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sydney Croft- Unleashing the Storm (book 2)

Tom "Ender" Knight is what else but ex-military, Delta Force, and proud of it. The character is such an arrogant man that I thought I would not like him at all but he turned out to be a pretty funny asshole. Dev sends him to Idaho to bring back a woman who can communicate with the animals and yes they call her an animal whisperer. Kira has been able to talk to and hear what animals say since she was born and her family thought she was strange. When she hit puberty she started going into heat once a year for four weeks straight, during this time she has to have sex every four hours or she will die. Over the years she moved around a lot partially due to her mating heat, she would have sex with any man, friends husbands or boyfriends, she just didn't care as long as she had sex. Itor has been after her for many years and they blew up slaughter houses and other things and made sure she was accused of doing it all. When Tom found her she was working at a wild life ranch taking care of all the animals. Itor sent in their own man, Derek, to see if she could bring her into their company to work for them. Tom and Derek knew each other from their military days and did not get along then but now it was worse. Kira knew she was coming into heat and had sex with Tom but she didn't want it with any other man after their first time, which was unusual for her since she was use to having numerous sexual partners during her heat. Tom was sent to bring her into ARCO or kill her but he fell in love with her instead but would he admit that he loved her- nope!! Danger came looking for them, they escaped and made it back to ARCO and things really get exciting now but I'm not telling anymore- read the book- you might like it!!!   My Rating: 4


  1. I like how Ender was sure he could handle her.. then found out maybe he couldnt.. but then stop eating meat for her.. but it was weaken him at the same time.. thats love..

  2. lol you mean how he thought he was man enough to handle sex with her every four hours?? I like how he would set his alarm on his watch to go off every four hours- not that she gave him much of a chance for it to go off- she was on him in most cases before the four hour time frame. Yeah it was sweet how he tried to give up meat for her and that he did give it up while he was around her

  3. It was funny how he thought it would be no problem but he does love her to give up meat.