Thursday, September 9, 2010

Deborah Cooke- Kiss of Fate

Erik is the leader of the Pry and has already had a Firestorm and a son. His mate was killed by a Slayer. This slayer has tried to ruin Eric's whole life whenever he could. All Eric cared about was beating the Slayers and when an ancient relic from the past connected him with Eileen Grosvenor he knew getting it from her wouldn't be a big deal, until he meet her. Eileen was having dreams and passion for a man/dragon she never meet before and about things that appeared from the past.  When Eric walked around a corner and she felt warm and needy for him. Eric didn't believe he was getting another Firestorm it is said you only get one, so he thought this had to be a trick. But Eileen had something Eric needed so he went along with her request to see certain places which happen to be the same places Eric and his dead mate had been in the past. He had to get the dragon teeth away from her, the slayers wanted them but with the Firestorm raging, Eric felt he needed to prove if it was real or not. After visiting the locations from the stories Elieen was investigating for her job. She finds out her favorite story about a dragon and a maiden was about Eric, she learned Eric had a son who turned slayer and she was maybe Eric's mate reborn. Then things turned bad when Eric and her "maybe" son kidnapped her. What will the dragon teeth be used for? Is she reborn to love again? My Rating: 4

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  1. the firestorms are hot.. and only get hotter until they do the