Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Deborah Cooke- Kiss of Fire

Quinn is a Shape shifting Dragon who knew what he was but didn't really want to get involved with others like him. He was happy living his life on the outside of the Pry and slayers wars. Until he felt the pull of his firestorm with Sara, she had just uprooted her life as an accountant to start over buy running her dead but quirky Aunts book store. Sara didn't believe in magic, so when she was attacked by Slayers attracted to the Firestorm and then was saved by a Huge Fire Breathing dragon, she thought she was losing her mind. Slayers were once Pry but choose to live forever by drinking the dragon blood elixir, but there's a trade to immorality, you no longer get to have a Firestorm which is when a Pry finds his destined mate and consummated it by conceiving a child. The Firestorm only burns hotter and brighter until they give in.
Quinn has long been distrustful of his fellow Pry and is a loner. But when the Pry came to stand by him to help protect his Mate he felt he should do his part in this war. Sara was still not having any part of this and fights the Firestorm within.  Eric, the leader of the Pry was shown by the Wyvern through the Dragon Egg that the Pry can only mate with humans. There's only one female dragon born at a time and she was to watch over the Pry as they pprotected the treasures of the world which included humans. Sara even get hints from her dead Aunt's ghost that Quinn is the man for her. Quinn knowing her fears tries to court her slowly but the Slayers have a different idea when they realize she the Seer of the Pry. With her seer abilities she can see in to dreams about the Pry and help them figure out who will have the next Firestorm so they can protect them. With Quinn being the blacksmith he was long needed in the Pry war to help fix their armor. Also with his ability he could take Dragon fire into his body and becomes stronger from it, unlike the rest. Will Sara stop being afraid? And will Quinn finally take his place with the Pry? My Rating 4

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