Monday, September 6, 2010

Deborah Cooke- Kiss of Fury

The Pry's job is to protect the world and it's treasures so when they learn of a scientist named Alexandra Madison and about her Green Machine which would help the world, they send Donovan to protect her, but he shows up too late. Alex witnesses her partner being killed and her invention being destroyed. She is taken to the hospital to be treated for her burns, she tells the story of the Dragons that killed her partner and hurt her but no one believes her and they are going to put her in a psychiatric ward. She knows she isn't crazy and she also knows she still has to rebuild her green machine for the betterment of the world. She escaped and was chased by slayers and was saved by Donovan who wasn't looking for a destined mate, but would protect her with his life. The slayers want humans as their slaves so they will do anything to hurt their progress for a better world. Alex was smart she had one of her first prototypes hidden and she knew she had to get there to build it again, with Donovan's help she was sure she could get there. Once at her brother's overly secure home she was able to start to rebuild then the rest of the Pry showed up to help protect the invention. Sadly with one of the battles over the machine Donovan's brother Delaney was nearly killed and his body was stolen. Only to be seen again as a Shadow Dragon. Slayers can bring fallen Dragons back from the dead as long as their bodies have been exposed to the 4 elements water, air, earth and fire by forcing them to drink Dragon's blood elixir. Which makes them mindless and almost unstoppable. Donovan needs to be sure his brother can't be saved before destroying him. Noticing sparks on his true brother whenever he was close to Donovan and Alex Firestorm, All Pry and slayers can feel the pull of it. Will it save Delaney? Will the green machine ever be finished? Will Donovan and Alex succumb to the firestorm? My Rating: 4


  1. donovan the warrior .. i love dragons

  2. Dragons are sexy. I think I would really enjoy this one! Donovan can blow fire on me anytime.