Sunday, September 12, 2010

Deborah Cooke- Winter Kiss

Delaney still feeling the affects of the Dragons blood elixir that was forced on him, turning him into a Shadow Dragon after he had nearly died protecting the green machine. Feeling like an outsider for some of the things he couldn't control while under the Elixir like trying to kidnap the mates of the pry while under mind control, Delaney decides the only way to prove himself whole and loyal was to destroy the Slayer leader Magnus and the Dragons blood elixir. Magnus has been drinking the elixir so he is pretty much immortal. But Delaney feels once the elixir is gone his dangerous impulses will stop. With his brother Donovan's firestorm pulling him from the brink of total darkness Delaney isn't trusted around the mates. He wants to be whole again. Until he runs into Ginger and he feels his own Firestorm that heals him. But he still feels it's his responsibility to take down the academy where they make the Dragon blood elixir. He finds out that the dragon blood elixir is exactly what it is called. In a huge glass cage where a dragon who has been trapped, who was once a slave and was exposed to mercury, his masters realized his blood would make them immortal and enslaved him.  Delaney with the help of the dragon teeth warriors, who where planted in the ground from the ancient relics that Eric got from Eileen and were reborn, all go out to destroy Magnus. Will they be strong enough to take down an Immortal? And sate the firestorm? My Rating: 4   

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  1. warrior dragons.. I haven't decided if I like dragon who turn in to humans or humans who turn into dragons more.. The dragons that turn human are more animal like... But they still sexy.. these are more men then beast