Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deborah Cooke- Whisper Kiss

After fighting the Shadow Dragons and helping his friend Delaney find himself out of the shadows, Niall vows to kill and burn all the Shadow Dragons before the next eclipse and Firestorm. Shadow Dragons are Pry that died and weren't exposed to the four elements and can be brought back with dragon blood elixir. Little did Niall know it was his Firestorm. He wanted to take his time and form a relationship with his Mate unlike his father who didn't tell his mate what he was until he had to change into his Dragon form to protect her. Some humans are not able to handle seeing the change, some are driven mad from it. But Niall's mother was already pregnant after her and his father had consummated the Firestorm. She left him and didn't take him back until 13 yrs later when she knew she couldn't teach her Pry Dragon twin sons how to accept what they were. Niall and his twin brother Phelan were very different but only their father saw it. Phelan was jealous and wanted everything that was like Niall. Phelan thought he could be more powerful if he joined the slayers but once he did he came back to take his family from Niall. He tricked his mother into trusting him then sent a message to their father stating that he wanted his title and role back in the family or he would kill his own mother. The worst thing to do to a mated Pry is threaten his mate and he had already lived too many years watching her from afar and was finally back with her so he killed his own son to save his mate. After this happened Niall could no longer stay in a family he thought that he reminded them of their dead son. Now stuck training a new Pry who didn't even know what he was for the past 800 yrs, Thoroft was a handful. After working with him for months and seeing not much progression he told Thoroft he would need to move in with him and stop the partying. Little did Niall know that he wasn't the first person to try to save Thoroft, he had been living free of charge with Rox a goth tattoo artist who loved saving people. Rox has green spiked hair and wears leather, she and Niall, who is all business minded, are total opposites. So when Thoroft moved out of her place Rox figured he was lying and in trouble so she went to save him going to Niall's apartment from an address off a business card Thoroft had given her. Once they were in the same area and the sparks and heat from the Firestorm over took them Niall couldn't believe his destined mate was so different from what he saw for himself. Can you over look outer looks to see what inside? Will Niall? My Rating 4.5  

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