Monday, September 20, 2010

Dawn Keepers- Jessica Andersen (book 2)

Nate Blackhawk was saved by his Winikin over 24 years ago when all but a few babies died because his King made the wrong choice. But unlike the rest of the NightKeepers he wasn't raised by his Winikin because his Winikin died from the wounds he got from the battle leaving Nate at a hospital with is name written on his forehead in pen. Nate grow up in foster care and had a hard life. Learning that he only had himself to depend on, so when Strike his new King showed up and wanted to explain to him about his life and parents Nate didn't want to hear it. So Strike convinced him of the magic by teleporting Nate to the roof from his office and dangling him over the edge. But Nate was a successful game maker now and he didn't want to give up the life he made for himself. But learning that he would be needed to save the world from the Doomsday Clock ticking to down to Dec. 2010 he knew he had to go. Once there he thought he was dreaming when he saw his dream woman standing on the porch. The same woman he had invented years before and was the heroine to his game. Alexis had been raised by a strict Winikin who had been preparing her for this her whole life. So when she and Nate clicked and bonded quickly she felt they would be mates and he would also add to her much weaker magic. But Nate didn't believe in destined mates and he wanted to be loved not needed for added power. Will Alexis want him for more then a power boost? Can Nate love someone who has been destined by the Gods to be his mate?  My Rating 3

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  1. this is a good series.. but this one book just took to long for them to finally get together.. i mean he realized it a few pages from the end.. the whole book i dont want you but no one else can have you.. was working my nerves