Thursday, September 23, 2010

Demon Keepers- Jessica Andersen (book 4)

Lucius grew up a lanky nerd surrounded by a family of huge jocks, never feeling like he fit in with them, he was happy to go to college where he fell in love with Mayan studies. So much so he became an under graduate after finishing his regular classes. For years and years he fought with his professor over if the NightKeepers were real or not. Until he found out that his professor was a Nightkeeper herself, she would do anything to hide the Nightkeepers. Feeling like he had been betrayed he sneaked into her office to prove his life work was correct and found an ancient relic that opened him up to become a demon, but his professor begged the NightKeepers to save him. So they did finding a way to remove the demon from his body but allowing him to keep his soul and become their Prophet. He was needed to find the hidden NightKeeper's library that would help them save the world from the Evil that was coming on Dec. 21, 2012.
Jade never understood why she never got her warrior mark like all the other NightKeepers so she tried to stay helpful by doing the paperwork in the archives, that's where she meet the skinny lanky nerd Lucius, they worked long hours together and were together in a rushed sexual meeting one time before Lucius' body was taken over by the demon.  He was missing for almost a year when they found him, he was too embarrassed for her to see him like that and always felt she had sex with him out of pity, she was way out of his league. So while it took him 5 months to heal from the ordeal of being a demon he stayed away from her. Sex magic is very powerful and after trying everything else to get his prophet powers to show, it was decided that Jade would come to him and they would make some sex magic to jump start it. But when she stepped in front of Lucius her eyes bugged and her jaw slacked, he was no longer the skinny nerd anymore, but a very tall very muscled man that only barely reminded her of Lucius. Now that he's handsome and strong will Jade see him more than a pity lay? Will the human Lucius ever find the prophet magic to lead them to the hidden library? My Rating: 3.5

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