Friday, September 3, 2010

Night Keepers- Jessica Andersen (book 1)

Over 24 years ago Strike's father lead his people to their death, by following his Visions. He barely survived by hiding out with his older sister and their Winikin Jox, which is a loyal servant to the royal line of the Jaguar. His people the Nightkeepers fight the evil of the world with the help of the Gods to protect mankind. The clock for the end of the world is counting down to Dec 2012 and there are stages to it. Strike's father thought he could stop the clock and save them all but he was wrong and all the adults were killed. Only a few children were saved and those few were raised away from Prince Strike and his sister who were raised by their Winikin for fear that if the evil came for them the others would die also. After living an uneventful life they thought that even though Strike's father died that indeed he did stop the count down but they soon learned they were wrong when they started to feel their own power building when they didn't have any before. Leah is a cop who has lost her brother to a cult called 2012ers this cult believes the world will end and only they can lead the people to the new way of life. Leah knows in her heart of hearts that they killed her brother and does everything in her power to stop them. Until she finds herself bound to a alter soon to be sacrificed to the evil. Strike's power is revealed when he disappears and reappears in the cave that Leah is. He defeats the evil that holding her but they are both overcome by a lust they've never felt before and give in to it, with their sex a godkeeper should be brought to the person. But because she is human she's not strong enough to take the gods power. It was meant to be hers and her brothers. But with his death that leaves the god in danger of dying. Strike vows to stay away from her because he must put his people first. He still wants her badly even after having her memories erased he learns the only way to save the god that will help them save the world is to kill Leah. Will Strike find a way to save the god and Leah? Or will Leah sacrifice her self for the world? My Rating: 4


  1. this is a good series.. they seem to have sex in the first few pages.. then fight the rest of the way not to do it again.. lol

  2. Sounds like a good read but it is to bad there isn't a little naughty sprinkled throughout the story.