Thursday, September 23, 2010

Skykeepers- Jessica Andersen (book 3)

Everyone knew Michael had something to hide, they even placed bets on what it could be, halfbreed reed child on the side, owed the mob money, you name it but their guesses weren't even close. Being a NightKeeper was a dream come true for Michael, he was raised by his Winikin to be a hero, so when he wasn't needed he started looking for other ways to be one. He tried to join the FBI, but his psych test were not what the FBI were looking for. Michael has always felt he had a split personality and a secret government agency decides they can use him and for him into a assassin and then when they were done with him they put a block in his memory so he wouldn't remember the things he had done.
Sasha has been held captive for almost a year after going into the Amazon to find her missing father. She was kidnapped by the 2012er's, they believe that once the world ends they will be the only ones allowed to rule the world with the evil that will take over. Michael trains and his magic becomes powerful but deep down he feels there's a dark side to him, once he's accepted and blood bonded to the NightKeepers the walls the government agency put in his mind crumble and the strict uptight secretive Michael is gone. The more laid back one emerges, the real Michael, after seeing Sasha's file he is desperate to save her and once he does he is forced to hide out with her in a tomb. Sex magic overtakes them and within 15 mins of meeting each other they are making love. Afterward both are shocked, but Michael must save her, she brings out some of his dark power he's afraid to use. But if he doesn't she will die, it is called Muk and it's deadly. He's afraid that once the other NightKeepers see what he is they won't want him with them, so he hides what he is for as long as he can which means staying away from Sasha because she draws the power. Will the the NightKeepers accept him after they find out and can Michael control the darkness around Sasha? My Rating: 3.5

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