Friday, September 3, 2010

Lora Leigh- Jacob's Faith

Jacob and Faith were together in the labs, she was put in Jacob’s cell to breed. They did care for each other but they don’t want to let the scientists to know so they could use against them. The lab is destroyed and they get away. Jacob has stayed away for six years working for Wolfe as a pack enforcer. He is on a mission when he sees Faith in the bar she was sent by Wolfe to give information to Jacob. Faith and Hawke take care of some men who try to take Faith with them. Jacob takes Faith with him to the house he is staying at. She gives Jacob the letter and he reads it about Faith and the mate frenzy. Wolfe explains to Jacob about it and how he has to take care of it because he is Faith’s mate. Faith wants to leave now because she is still mad at him for leaving her for all those years before. Wolf tells Faith that she has to stay there or he will take away her apartment, she is hurt over this and Jacob tells Wolfe to leave her place alone and he will pay for it. Faith calls Hope and tells her to prevent Wolfe from taking her home away and she assures her that she will handle Wolfe. The security alarm goes off at the house but they can find no trace of anyone that tripped it. Because of the mating frenzy, Jacob tells Faith that she cannot have alcohol or caffeine because it makes it worse. Faith refuses to go without her coffee and beer. So she slips away from Jacob and goes to bar. Hawke calls Jacob and tells him that she is at the bar, he goes to get her and tells her that she will be punished for it. Faith decides to stand up to Jacob and sets her demands about the coffee. They go to check parameter to figure how someone triggered the alarm and she figures out that they are using the trees. She wants him to love her but he says that he doesn’t have a heart to love since the lab he then confesses to her that he is the one that has been buying her lotion and paying for her apartment. There is another alarm and the coyotes are trying to get to the house, Jacob and the other enforces take care of them and they find out that they are looking for some women and one of them is Faith. They try to figure out what they want and the next night after the attack another team comes for them. Dale Marshall and his team are there to take Faith, he is from the labs. He tells them that only a Breed that is fully human can be allowed to survive. Jacob and his team take care of them. But Faith discovers that the Council has a serum that forces conception but that Breed DNA is reversed in child. It ends with a team trying to rescue a woman that the Council has. Aiden doesn’t feel that the pack should waste time to rescue the woman. But the man tells him that she is his mate and if he doesn’t help her to escape that it would hurt his pack. (Special Thanks to Sandy)


  1. I liked faiths i dont give damn attitude .. gonna have my coffee and my damn beer...

  2. Yeah I liked that. But Jacob was hard for me to read I didn't like it much.