Monday, September 6, 2010

Richelle Mead - Succubus On Top

Letha, Josephine, Tabitha, and now Georgina Kincaid. Each name has a different face and time. Each beautiful shape shifted body, inviting, drawing in the irreproachable innocent to sustain the immortality of the one life, now owned by the dark side.
As with all mortals, mistakes were made, wanting to right the wrong in her heart, the deal was made, and the price as a succubus must now be paid. Until the end of time Georgina's immortality will roam the earth in search of her prey. Until,.... the day he came into her life. Slowly, Seth crept into her heart, loving her unconditionally while knowing all of her paranormal secrets. With the building relationship, distance must perpetually be defended. Understanding the retributions of a physical encounter, both long for but resist the burning passion felt within. Knowing a future can never be, their hearts hold fast unable to turn away from the yearning, the warmth, the true love. Just for today, just for a small moment in time both Georgina and Seth relish in the emotions that most never come to possess. My rating: 2


  1. A 2?? Well I guess you didn't care for the second book in this series?? I did enjoy this entire series

  2. yea i think thats the lowest score i have seen.. what made it a 2 ?

  3. The forbidden love between Georgina and Seth is good but the rest of the book,.... I didn't care for. I was bored. :(