Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Sherrilyn Kenyon - No Mercy

Live fast, fight hard and if you have to die then take as many of your enemies with you as you can. That is the Amazon credo and it was one Samia lived and died by. Now in contemporary New Orleans, the immortal Amazon warrior is about to learn that there's a worse evil coming to slaughter mankind than she's ever faced before.
Shapeshifter Dev Peltier has stood guard at the front of Sanctuary for almost two hundred years and in that time, he's seen it all. Or so he thought. Now their enemies have discovered a new source of power- one that makes a mockery of anything faced to date.
The war is on and Dev and Sam are guarding ground zero. But in order to win, they will have to break the most cardinal of all rules and pray it doesn't unravel the universe as we know it.

Since the first of the Dark Hunter series, Devereaux Aubert Peltier has slid in and out of our minds, intriguing us with his jesting wit, sarcastic charm, and lighthearted attitude. Always teasing us with bits of his private personality traits, but never giving away any valuable information as to what the real were-hunter was like, until now. The book unfolds with the well know Sanctuary's reopening after a brutal battle between paranormal species that left the Peltier clan's beloved parents dead, and the remaining siblings working to move on with life. Always stationed as their protector at the door of Sanctuary, Dev keeps all away that should not enter. This is his rule not only for Sanctuary, but for his own heart. Anguish from harsh memories are wounds that never heal. With time they only fester for Dev with torment and guilt the farther he tries to push them aside. Secrets are revealed to past questions that all Dark Hunter fans are dying to know. Empty spots left wide open are now filled with answers and closure, yet new paths unlocked and spread before us show only a small portion of what is to come.Speckled with an array of characters from several previous Dark Hunter books, it is brisk paced, flowing with action, and never disappointing with its (little bit naughty) sex scenes.

 My Rating - 5
My thoughts on No Mercy, I loved most of it. Loved Dev and was very excited about Ash showing up in the book. It was a very fast paced book that I could hardly put down. Dev was always carrying the burden of looking out after his entire family and the guilt from his family members dying in the past. I liked the new Dark Hunters that were introduced in this book, I think the books are too far apart but that seems to be with every series now. With Sam I expected her to be a real hard ass and just super tough on Dev since she is an Amazon, a queen too, but she truly cared for him from the very beginning. I thought she was strong and really thought that she was doing the right thing for him. Oh and then there is Nick, what a sweet thing he did at the end, I just hope his story comes out soon and he finds what he needs in his life. I want him to realize that he is loved and he can love again- just forgive Ash already!!
My Rating: 5 
Dev has shot to the top of my favorites list, he's a smartass and I love it. This was a good story with enough action that wasn't boring and I'm very happy to see Ash.. So many people said he would be gone, I'm glad he's still in charge, I was also right that Artie and Nick would get together even if it just sexually YUCK!  I'm still mad at Nick, I don't understand how he can still treat Ash the way he does. How he tries to turn the DH's against him. Oh, Sam was so tight I love a strong woman that's still a woman, you almost started to feel that Stryker isn't as evil as he appears.  So it looks like we will be getting some half wolf/half bear cubs soon thanks to Savitar. Good to know the Dogs of War are not a side deal, I would have missed hearing about the DH's and the WH's.
My Rating: 5

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  1. Loved this book. I do not like Nick with Artie and yes he needs to forgive. But I can't wait for his book but I think we still have a long wait for it.