Tuesday, October 5, 2010

J. R. Ward- Covet

Jim Heron is a construction worker plus he's an ex-assassin. He is pulled into a heaven and hell war for 7 souls, by the Angels, his first soul to save is Vin diPietro, who is a big time business owner with a secret talent. He can see who will die before it happens. Vin is an uptight jerk of a business man until he meets a call-girl named, Marie Teresa, who is in hiding from an ex-lover, who wants her dead and to take her son from her. She works for the Shadows at Sub Zero. Jim soon finds out that Vin's fiance is the true evil he must save him from after he himself is drawn to her and has sex with her in his truck, only to meet her again in the arms of Vin at his job. This shocks Jim so much he falls off the top of the house he was building at a worksite and dies. He's then shot to heaven and told what he his new job will be, to save the 7 souls starting with his boss Vin. They bring him back to his life and he wakes up in a hospital. Now he has the back up of two other fallen angels. Will Vin be able to overlook the fact that Marie Teresa is a call-girl or will he marry the Evil woman and lose his Soul?
My Rating: 3.5

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  1. (A personal opinion) This book is not one of my favorites. You gave a much better rating than I would have. Disappointed is the best word to describe how I felt after turning the last page of this story. I expected more from J.R.Ward.