Tuesday, October 19, 2010

J.R. Ward- Crave

Jim Haron is the unlikely savior of the world in the middle of a battle between Heaven and Hell he is a newly made Fallen Angel. The two teams choose Jim thinking he could go either way when its comes to the Seven Souls. Good or Evil. But Jim shocks the Evil when he leans toward the Good only. He thinks the next one is one of his ex-XOps members. He has to save his soul from Devina, she is evil and is pissed she has already lost the first soul to Jim. She plans to do any and everything to win this Soul. As Jim fights Devina for that soul he learns that she keeps the souls of the people she claims in hell in a oily wall. Jim has felt guilty since his first task when wasn't able to save a poor young woman who had been murdered and her body was used to protect Devina's possessions. Jim has been trying to figure out who she was so she could be buried by her family. Isaac wants out of the XOps and the only way out is death, so he runs knowing death is right over his shoulder. His boss will never let him go, so Isaac gets into underground fighting where he's arrested. Knowing his boss will find him easier if he's in jail.
Grier is a 32 year old lawyer doing pro bono, she lost her drug addicted brother a few years ago and she wants to save others since she couldn't save him (who she also sees and talks to his ghost). Grier's life has always been orderly until she sees the big man named Isaac who needs to be bailed out. After getting his bail set he sends her to his apartment to get the money. But being a lawyer no way she could take 25k without knowing where it comes from so she posts the bond herself. Isaac is now free and was ready to run again until he notices that she paid it out her own pocket, too much of a gentlemen to let her be owed, he goes back to the fights to get her paid off.
Will Grier accept the money? Can Isaac get away from XOps? Will Jim find a name to give to the poor girl so she can be buried by her family?
My Rating: 4

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  1. didnt know Eddie was a big ole freak too.. i thought he wasnt in the first book