Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kim Harrison- Dead Witch Walking

Rachel Morgan, following in her father foot steps after he was killed, joined the I.S, the I.S is similar to Men In Black except the supernatural is chasing the supernatural. She has been under her boss Denon for years but for that last 6 months all her jobs have had issues, making her spotless records of runners look as if she doesn't know what she doing. So her boss makes her feel like he doesn't want her there anymore and Rachel makes plans to get out of her contract. Rachel is an earth witch meaning all her spells are not black or evil, meaning she doesn't take the lives of others to make her powerful, she takes her power from plants. While Rachel sits at the bar waiting for her "job" to show up she's very upset that she's been dropped down to do this low beginner type job of catching a leprechaun for tax fraud. But she still does it. Ivy is a living Vampire but there are dead ones also, but the living Vamps still have their souls. Ivy works for the I.S and is the top person, she sees Rachel and asks if she wants to share a cab back to I.S after she catches her "Job". Because Rachel has been busted down to this lowly position and no fairies are willing to work for her as her back up she is stuck with a Pixy named Jenks, who tells her he's only watching her back because they are paying him double. After catching the leprechaun she begs to be let free promising three wishes, Rachel sees this as her chance to get free of the I.S using one of her wishes to never get caught. At first Ivy and Jenks try to talk her out of it then they beg to work with her. Denon doesn't care one way or another why Rachel quit But when his top person paid off her contract and quit also, he put a hit on Rachel because he was losing Ivy. So Rachel decides to bring down Trent who is a BioDrug dealer because I.S has been after him but unable to get anything on him. Thinking that will pay off her debt to the I.S and they will remove the hit. Rachel starts to make Charms and changes herself into a mink thinking she was turning into a mouse to sneak into Trent's office so she can did up some dirt. But he catches her and keeps her in cage. Rachel can't change back until she takes a dip in salt water. Trent offers her a job, then puts her in rat fights hoping to break her so she would work for him. As she is fighting she learns the rat that she's fighting is also a human and they escape. The rat turns out to be a human named Nick, humans have become aware of the supernaturals during the "turning" where humans were infected through tainted tomatoes that took out alot of the humans and supernaturals that were breeding with humans.
OK here are my thoughts.. First I LOVE Love and no one loved anyone in this book.. in any kind of way, so far there's no HEA.. I need those.. so I'm hoping in the next 13 books this changes.
My Rating 3.5

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