Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kim Harrison- Every Which Way But Dead

Nick loves Rachel but can't take being her familiar, he doesn't tell her that it hurts him every single time she taps into the Ley Line. This is why humans are not meant to be familiars and only animals are. Nick leaves town and tells Rachel he will be back but he has been pulling away from her for some time, she believes he's not coming back after learning he doesn't feel pain when he's far away from her. Algaliarept is the Demon that has placed demon marks on both Rachel and Nick after he helped Nick save Rachel's life after Big Al as Rachel likes to call him was the one killing her. Al wants Rachel to be his familiar and he wants her soul. To put Piscary in jail Rachel offers to be Al's familiar if he will testify in court, but she says she must keep her soul. With this deal she tricks Al because he can't take her to Here After if she doesn't want to go as long as she keeps her soul. Al promises to find a way to get her. When he takes her as his familiar he releases his old one. Ceri has been his for over a 1000 years and Rachel wants to help her have a life. This also releases Nick from being Rachel's familiar. But by this time everyone has convinced her that Nick isn't coming back. Ivy is happy because she still believes one day Rachel will be hers, but Kisten has other ideals and he wants Rachel also. They end up together and Ivy is pissed until she's sure Kist hasn't bitten Rachel. Once she is bit she will belong to that Vampire and Ivy wants it to be no one but her, but Rachel doesn't want to belong to anyone. Rachel learns that Trent's not as bad as she thought and saves his life, learning a little more about the medical camp she went to with Trent and now Lee, she finds out that she and Lee had the same illness and were saved by Trent's father. Is Nick out and Kist in? Will Big Al get his familiar?
My Rating: 3.5

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