Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kim Harrison- The Good, The Bad and The Undead

Rachel Morgan has found that she's a lot stronger then she thought. She can tap into Ley line power, which is something a Earth witch shouldn't be able to do, that's for Ley and black witches. Nick the ex-rat is now Rachel's boyfriend but Rachel's eye still sees some nice looking male meat around the Hollows. Like the evil Trent, who she now thinks is killing Ley Line witches until he hires her to clear his name and Kist who is a living vamp. While trying to learn about her powers and pass a class in school Rachel accidentally makes her boyfriend her familiar, no one should be able to make a human into a familiar, this was done because Rachel didn't know she was using  a spell book written by a demon . Now all her powers must be grounded by her familiar and goes through her boyfriend and can kill him if she's not careful.  At the same time Ivy, her living vampire roommate, wants her and even though they have talked about only being friends Ivy's vampire family wants her to get control of Rachel and make her hers. When this doesn't happen the Undead Vamp that has treated Ivy as a daughter rapes and claims her as his. This sends Rachel there to stake him. Unable to kill him she turns him into the FIB which is like the human Men In Black instead of the I.S.  After word gets out that Rachel has bagged a master vampire her business picks up.
Still no real Loves in this book, there was finally some loving but it was short and not too sweet.
My Rating: 3

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