Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kim Harrison- Undead in the Garden of Good and Evil (Dates from Hell)

This a short story about Ivy, the living vampire, Rachel Morgan's business partner and roommate. This story gives us a little bit of info on how Ivy was raised before meeting Rachel. Piscary, the Master vampire, has wanted her before she was born. He waited until she was born to see if she was stronger than her mother or grandmother before deciding to make her his life mate. She's has been working for the I.S and was making her way up to Management and was so happy because of her families money she was able to skip the low grade Runner work. Ivy and Kisten lived together and had strong feelings for each other but knew it was useless since they both belonged to Piscary, the Master vamp. She was trying to work her way up the chain without selling herself or her blood to her boss Art, who is an Undead vampire, that promised she wouldn't get a promotion until he tasted her. While at a crime scene to solve the murder of a wife by her husband she found out that a Banshee tear was left, she thought the Banshee had put the tear there to take over the husband and forcing him to kill his wife.
My Rating: 3

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  1. my biggest issues with this series is No HEA.. so if you dont need that .. its a good story