Tuesday, October 5, 2010

L. A. Banks- Left for Undead (book 6)

We start off two months after the last battle in New Orleans, Hunter has finally gotten Sasha away for a death free vacation only to have it interrupted by Shogun, a werewolf and leader of his pack, he is also Hunter's half brother, who was also in love with Sasha. But Shogun has finally moved on, he has to choose between his people and the human woman he has fallen in love with after saving her from his evil aunt who took possession of her body. At the same time Sir Rodney the Fae King gets a visit from his ex-wife the Ice Queen and up until now we thought was his enemy, who is looking for his help because she was a "friend" with the Vampires that made the deal with the demons to help Shogun's aunt to be able to take over Amy's body. So now that the demons didn't get Amy's soul because she was saved, the demons made side deals in hopes the could make the Fae and the Vampires go to war against each other. When the Vampires killed the Fae, the Demons could reposes their bodies and walk the earth. Hunter has always been very protective of Sasha but lately he doesn't want her out of his sight at all. But Sasha is a warrior and Hunter is the super alpha pack leader of the Shadow Wolves, Shadow wolves and werewolves are different in many ways. Hunter can turn into a wolf and travel through shadows were Werewolves cannot. What will Shogun do? Will Sir Rodney take the Ice Queen back or will she stab him in the back?  What is the big secret that is making Hunter keep Sasha so close?
Let me start off by saying how much I love Hunter in this series. He has gone through so much and even though sometimes I feel Sasha doesn't deserve him, he deserves everything he wants in life. They have hinted throughout this book that something big changes with Hunter and Sasha but I won't say what it is.. But I do feel as much as I love Hunter, that this is the last book or close to it.
My Rating 4.5


  1. Yes i was right .. My sweet sexy Hunter series has come to an end.. I LOVE YOU HUNTER.. wipes tears

  2. I hate that we won't get any more Hunter- I would love to see a short story set a year from the ending of this book just so we can see how he was dealing with the new lifestyle!!

  3. I agree Wendy that would be great. I enjoyed this series