Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lora Leigh- Aiden's Charity

This is the story of Aiden and Charity. It starts out with Charity getting away from the Council that had her hostage for 6 months. They have been testing her since they found out she has mated with Aiden. Charity runs into the woods to escape and Aiden finds her. She is worried because he promised her that he would make her pay for what she did in the labs to him. She only did those things because she knew the next day they would get to escape because she told a reporter where they were at.  Aiden smells that Charity is bleeding so he takes her to the doctor but the only blood that Charity's body can handle is Aiden's blood. Charity awakens to find that she is in the compound of the wolf breeds. He knows that he has loved her from the beginning and that she is his mate but she keeps insisting it is the drugs that were given to her. Charity lets the doctor run some tests on her but it is very painful and that now mating heat has started.  The Council has gotten in and are going after Charity. Aiden, Charity and the other breeds take care of them.  Aiden then moves her into a new cabin but the next night they are attacked again when a plane comes and destroys Wolfe's and Jacob's cabins. Charity and the doctor are kidnapped, Aiden is furious that his mate has been taken again and he wants to know who the spy is at Haven. Coyotes have taken Charity and the doctor to a cave but they are not going to harm them. While there they discover they have a woman and she is moaning and in pain, Charity explains to them that the woman is mated to one of them and she is going through mating heat.  Aiden comes to cave and Del Ray tells him that Jessica is the spy. Charity has conceived and Aiden tells her that he has always loved her. It ends with Wolfe talking to Jessica.
(special thanks to Sandy)

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