Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lora Leigh- In a Wolf's Embrace

This is the story of of Matthais and Grace. It starts out with Matthias waiting on Albrecht, who is a dictorate for the council. Matthais is an assassin sent to take Albrecht out because he is still experimenting in the labs. Matthais kills Albrecht but Grace walks in and sees it happening. He grabs her and runs to a van to get way before the security cameras come back up. Jonas and the others tell him to get rid of Grace but he can't do it. He takes Grace to her cabin since she was supposed to be on vacation for a week. She is hurt by the fact that Matthais used her to get information on Albrecht, she thought that Matthais cared about her. He tells her that he does care for her and that she is his mate. He explains the details of the mating frenzy because he wants to give Grace the choice. She asks him can he give up being a killer and she understands why he killed Albrecht because of the way he treated the breeds and Matthais has the scars to prove it, but Grace doesn't want him to keep killing. He tells her that he would do it for her and he would work at the Breed department. Grace tells Matthais how her family can't wait to meet him and tells him that they will question him, her mother will fatten him up, and her brothers will play football with him. Matthais awakens and realizes that Coyotes are around the cabin, he takes her out and presses an alarm to be sent for Jonas to come help. He is surrounded and finds out that it is a scientist named Vidal, he calls Matthais  "Four" since they were never given names while in the labs. Vidal tells him to hand over Grace and he refuses,  Matthais fires and throws Grace down a ravine and they hid behind rocks. Grace takes a gun from Matthais and helps him fire on the enemy. Matthais senses that Vidal is trying to come around to get them so he goes to meet him while Grace covers him. Matthais kills Vidal and Jonas and the enforcers show up. He goes back to Grace to only discover that she has been shot in the chest, he cannot believe that she has been shot. She tells him that she loves him like the sun loves the flowers. They rush her to the hospital, he realizes that if she dies he will lose his everything because she is everything to him. Matthais sees Grace's family at hospital, her Dad feels bad for him and can tell how hurt he is over the thought of living without her. He tells them that Grace is his sunshine that he cannot be without her and he tells them that he will do everything to protect her and for them not to take her away from him. The family tells him that Grace loves him and he is a part of the family now. Grace recovers and it ends with them at her family's house playing football. (Special thanks to Sandy)

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