Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Patricia Briggs- On the Prowl (book 1)

This series is what I would call the sister series to the Mercy Thompson- Moon Called series. Most of the same people are in this series, it is just about the brother Charles instead of Mercy & Samuel. Charles is a born werewolf, not a changed werewolf and he is the son of Bran, who is the Marrok (leader/head alpha of the werewolf clans) and younger brother to Samuel, who is a doctor and want to be mate to Mercy. In the first Mercy book, Charles is sent to Chicago to deal with a problem pack and that is where this book starts. Charles shows up in Chicago expecting to do his job as executioner for his father but when he arrives at the airport he is met by a female werewolf that his father sent to meet him. Anna is a Changed werewolf and a fairly new one at only three years old werewolf years. The Alpha of one of the Chicago packs, Leo, was Changing new werewolves and not reporting them to the Marrok so that was why Charles was in town to check up on the pack. Justin who is a pack member who happens to be Leo's second in command Changed Anna without her consent. It did not take long for Charles's wolf to notice that Anna was not a submissive wolf but an Omega wolf and they are very rare. His wolf falls in love and wants to mate with her wolf but they have not even known each other for 24hrs at this point. Charles and Anna meet with Leo and his wife Isabelle when all hell breaks loose, people are shot, people are killed and the ranking order of the pack is changed. Charles is hurt and Bram shows up to bring him home. Will Anna move to Montana with Charles?? Will the new Chicago pack try to take over??  My Rating: 4.5 (I was very impressed even though this was a short story in a novella)

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