Monday, November 8, 2010

Christine Feehan- After Twilight- anthology in Dark Dreamers

She’s known him since she was fifteen. Every night, he is with her: his face, his voice. Tonight, Sara Marten will meet the man who is both angel and demon, salvation and temptation: Falcon — the Carpathian, the banished hero. Tonight, Sara will meet the dark-eyed destroyer destined to be her mate...

My thoughts: Oh hell, that is how I have to start this review off, this is a short story and thank goodness for that. Falcon of course is an ancient Carpathian male who wrote a book for of poems and love stories to his "future" potential mate. Of course she was the one to find the book centuries later while on a dig with her parents. A vampire killed her family and she got away from him and for fifteen years she was able to hide from the vampire. One night Falcon found her and BAM they are in love and can't be without each other but she has found some homeless children that she wants to protect. She knows the children are special and the Carpathians will need them. The vampire has his ghoul kidnap the children during the day and run Sara's vehicle off the road. Falcon calls out to all the other Carpathians in the area and they come to her aid. While the Prince and Falcon fight the vampire, Sara is taken care of by the local Carpathians. Vampire dies, Falcon and Sara are happy and children are safe- really??
My Rating: 2

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