Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kim Harrison- Dirty Magic- anthology in Hotter Than Hell

This story is about Mia, a banshee, it appears the Ivy had given her "Her wish" she'd gotten from Rachel when they joined to make their firm. Well it seems like Mia is looking for love, but at the same time it seems she already has a husband and a daughter. But Mia goes to visit Tom, someone she has been seeing and draining, Banshees live from sipping your emotions from you. Tom had fallen in love with her and she claimed she loved him also, but he was getting weaker from being with her. He asked if it was any way for them to be together and she said she had a wish that a vampire had given her. She made the wish that he wouldn't be hurt and they made love for the first time. It seemed to work at first, but it all turned badly. As she was leaving Tom she seemed to have forgotten about him like he was nothing and slipped her wedding band back on her finger.
My Rating: 2

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  1. this was really one of the shortest novella i have ever read and it was confusing .. I just it will make sense later