Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kim Harrison- A Fistful of Charms

Rachel Morgan find herself saving her ex-boyfriend Nick from Werewolves that hired him to find the Focus. The Focus can make werewolves stronger than vampires by allowing all the Alphas to band their power together and be used by one to make him stronger and unable to feel pain. Nick finds out the vampires have had the Focus for years, he learns he can get a lot more money for it than what the werewolves offer. Nick went on this mission or way of life because he thought Rachel was dead. He also took Jenks' oldest son, Jax with him.. Once Jenks finds out he wants to go after his son. But Jenks being a pixy is too small to deal with the cold, so Rachel puts a spell on him that turns him from 4 inches to 6'4 without wings and Very sexy. Then we learn that Jenks is 18 years old and pixies only live for 20 years, so he starts to train his son to take his place in the Firm. At this point Rachel decides now is the time to try to have a blood relationship with Ivy, Ivy is lonely and depressed and wants everything from Rachel. But Rachel claims to be straight and can only offer her blood, so Rachel tells Ivy to remove the love from the blood taking and they would try it. Well mixing love and sex with blood taking is what keeps Ivy sane once that was removed she almost killed Rachel. But Rachel feels it was her fault, so she said they would try it again, Ivy says no. What will Kristen think?

My Rating: 3.5

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