Monday, November 8, 2010

Kim Harrison- For A Few Demons More

Rachel is awaken by Newt, trying to take over her body, Newt is the demon that sent Rachel home when she was stuck in the Here after. After Lee tried to trade her to Al as his familiar but he kept Lee instead. Newt has lost something, Rachel finally figures out Newt is a female Demon but was told all females were killed. Since Newt is the last of her sex, she doesn't follow the rules others have to follow. The only person who can somewhat control Newt is her own Familiar Minias, Rachel finds Minias sexy and tries not to because he's a demon. Rachel has called Minias to come get Newt, he now owes her. So Rachel puts her mark on him, Al takes over Lee's body and now can walk around on the earth. Demons can't walk around unless it's night and they are summoned. It turns out that Al and Picary have made a deal, Al starts killing people and the Islanders think only Picary can control him. They release him from jail to catch Al, even though Al is the demon, Rachel took his mark so he would go to court and put Picary in jail. Once he's free he takes control of Ivy and kicks out Kristen and sells his last blood, so someone can kill him trice. Rachel thinks if she gives Picary the Focus he will save her and Kristen. When Rachel gave the Focus to David she had no ideal if it works without him wanting it. The Focus can change humans into werewolves, because here werewolves are born not bitten unless you have the Focus. David only dated humans because he didn't want a real pack is one of the reasons he made Rachel a part of his pack.. A few people  died in this book some sad, some not so much.
My Rating: 3.5


  1. I so miss love and HEA's in this series

  2. Not sure I could do a series that does not have love or a HEA