Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kim Harrison- The Outlaw Demon Wails

Rachel and Ivy are still trying to get over the death of their loved one weeks before and have vowed to find his killer. Rachel starts to spend more time with her mother who has been flighty since her husband was killed. Rachel learns why her mother is nuts. She finds out her father was human and a human and a witch can not have children. Trent has the answers about her life. Ceri, the elf that was saved by Rachel from Al, becomes pregnant, Rachel figures it's Trent's and the only way to have a healthy elf child is to go to the Here After and get a 2000 year DNA sample. Quen asks Rachel to do it, she refuses and Quen gets deathly ill. It turns out that Quen is the father of Ceri's child. Quen is Trent's security. Al has found a way out of the demon prison and comes after Rachel again. To save herself and Trent from the Here After she testifies for Al and says he's her teacher and she has to give him one 24 hour period a week to learn from him. Rachel is able to do things witches shouldn't be able to do and learns that if she has any children Demons will want to kidnap them to start a sickness in witches.
My Rating 3.5

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