Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kim Harrison- Two Ghosts for Sister Rachel- Holidays Are Hell

This short story finds Rachel at 18 years old and trying to apply for the I.S. her brother is against it and has been away from the home for 4years after their father died. He wants her to practice her magic and move out of town with him. He makes a deal with her after she tells him she believes their father would want her to follow his footsteps into the I.S. But Rachel is still weak and sickly from her childhood illness. But Robbie, her brother gives her a very hard spell to do, something he doesn't even have the level to do. Telling her if she can bring their father back for one day he will tell them what he thinks of her going to the I.S.
Robbie is very proud when she is able to cast the spell, but that also proves him right that she should be in a better college and move with him. But they soon learn it's not their father that comes back, but a Witch that's was murdered 100 years ago for being a witch. Pierce believes this is his second chance to save his soul and take down the evil kidnapped from his day.
My Rating: 4

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