Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kim Harrison- White Witch, Black Curse

Rachel finds herself shunned, no witch will sell or service her and they all want her dead. This kills her building a friendship with Marshal. He's a witch who was just starting over in her town after she was responsible for his scuba business being burned to ground when he helped her save Nick and the Focus. Mia the Banshee, is back with her daughter Holly and the FIB are after her after they almost killed Glen, who is the son on the captain of the FIB. Rachel's still fighting to remember who killed Kisten but only gets bits and pieces. Then a full-on memory blast her and tells her who killed him plus where to find him.  Rachel learns that her long ago first love Pierce, the ghost, didn't get his rest when they saved the little girl 8 years before. For the past year he has been at the Church trying to communicate with Rachel. As soon as he's finally able to, Al snatches him to make him his familiar. Will Rachel get revenge for Kisten? Will she save Pierce again? And who will stop Mia on her killing spree to feed her child?
My Rating 3.5  

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