Monday, November 15, 2010

Lora Leigh- Dawn's Awakening

This is the story of Dawn and Seth. It starts with Callan and Jonas showing Seth the tapes of Dawn at the lab. Seth sees what they did to her and so he decides to leave to keep from hurting her by reliving those nightmares. It has been 10 years later now and Cassie is in Dawn's room, she tells her that she needs to awaken. Dawn is called in by Callan and he tells her that she has a mission to run. The mission turns out to be protecting Seth because someone is going after him because of the way he helps the breeds. Seth tells them that Dawn is not to be on the mission, she realizes that Seth doesn't have his scent on him anymore and she realizes that the medicine has worked for Seth. Dawn has decided she is going to take the mission to protect Seth. Callan tries to tell Dawn not to go because he told them that he is planning to get married and will be announcing it at the party. She tells Callan that she has to because he is her mate. Dawn arrives and Caroline, the woman Seth has been seeing tries to give her a room far away from Seth. Caroline tries to grab Dawn from behind and Dawn loses it but she doesn't hurt her. Seth sees the hurt look on Dawn's face and he realizes that he cannot be with Caroline. Seth tells Dash that he will end it with Caroline and that he needs to send Dawn back to Sanctuary. Seth cannot be around her because of the love that he has for her but he doesn't want to hurt her either. Dash tells Dawn that he is sending her back to Sanctuary and she tells him that the Breed Law says he can't do it because Seth is her mate. Dash tells her that Seth is the one that made the arrangement. Dawn is hurt by this but she refuses to leave and Dash tells her that Callan and Jonas showed him the tapes of her from the labs. Cassie goes to Seth and she tells him that he needs to be with Dawn when she awakens from her nightmare. Seth goes to the room and awakes Dawn from her nightmares. Seth seduces Dawn. He has bought different soaps from around the world for her because it reminds him of her scent. Dawn is called to Dash's room to find out that Callan and Jonas are there, she argues with Callan because she feels betrayed at what he did and that he didn't have the right to do it. Dawn leaves the room mad and then she has a call on her link and it is the man from the labs. Seth goes to find him and Dawn rushes after him. The man uses a tranq on Dawn but she keeps fighting him and then there is a shot but the man gets away. Dawn is on edge now from knowing that the man is still alive and is around her. She goes to fitness room to fight out some of the tension. Seth goes to her and he holds her down and Dawn screams. Callan comes and tells Seth to let her go and Callan is furious. Seth tells him no that he has to do it for Dawn. Dawn relives the nightmare from the labs and Seth holds her through it. Cassie realizes that her time is to end now to help the breed cause, she goes out on balcony and dares the unknown man to take her out. The board members and Seth come to an agreement on the funding for Sanctuary. Seth proposes to Dawn and at the party he announces it. Dawn is uneasy and she knows the danger will happen tonight. Then she smells the same man from the labs. She sees him with Cassie and she knows that she has to get Cassie away from him. The man is Jason and he has been there the whole time. Jason has pulled a gun and put it to Cassie's head and he has her in position where no one can shoot him without hurting her. Jason wants Dawn too. Dawn goes to him slowly trying to get him to move so they can take shot. The unknown breed is also there trying to help Cassie too. Callan jumps to Jason and he shoots Callan. Then the other breeds shoot Jason and Cassie is hit as well. Callan and Cassie are rushed to hospital, Callan is in bad condition. Leo shows up at the hospital to help save his life. Dawn goes to see Callan and tells him that she is sorry and knows that he was only trying to protect her. The unknown breed sneaks in Cassie's room and he tells her in her ear not to dare him again. Cassie screams and he leaves. The question is who is this unknown breed?
(special thanks to Sandy)

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