Monday, December 6, 2010

C. L. Wilson - Lady of Light and Shadow

The price the gods demand for their blessings : "No great gift from the gods comes without an equally great danger. The price of the gift is the willingness and courage to embrace the danger. If you cannot accept the one, you are not worthy of the other." A quote from, Lady of the Light and Shadow.

As the truemate courtship of Rain and Elly commences along its unknown channel, the cluttering obstacles beneath their feet prompt countless stumbling and falters to finding the answers they lack for the future. Now betrothed under Celierian customs, Ellysetta steps away from the role as a woodcarver's daughter. Neither in love, yet drawn to one another, the truemates look for the trust they seek in the others heart, while finding the dwelling to belong in their mate's soul. Turning to her new life Ellysetta slowly unveils with time the swirling secrets harbored within herself. Authority and true power bloom from the soon to be emanate Fey Queen as King Rainier vel'En Daris Tairen Soul promises his place to be by her side, and with her he will stay as long as she will have him. Yet with those words what little entrusted faith they had established was shattered into an explosion of splintering fragments. The unexpected devotion in his eyes was dimmed as it was revealed she bore one small mark of evil placed upon her as an infant by the dark magic of the Mage.
My Rating : 5

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