Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kim Harrison- Black Magic Sanction

Rachel working every Saturday with Big Al, the Demon and being watched by her teen crush ex-Ghost Pierce who is now Al's familiar so he could get a body and be alive again after being buried alive 150 years ago by the Coven. The Cover are the most powerful of the witches now they are after Rachel because they believe she is a demon. But really only her children will be. Trent makes a deal with the Coven that he can control Rachel because his father healed her of the childhood disease that would have killed her. After months of not being summoned under Al's name she no longer worries about it, until the Coven grabs Nick and forces him to summon Al believing it will be Rachel. He finds out it is her and rushes back to her home to summon her back. But she has been in a witch jail for hours and has been beaten. After then Coven finds out they can't hold her they attack her church and sadly Matalina, Jenks' pixy wife, is wounded in battle and dies. Pixies mate for life since they only live for 20 years and Jenks plans to die with his wife. But Rachel makes herself a pixy size to try to save him from his grief.
My Rating: 4 

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  1. I get a a small break from the hollows but she will be back in feb i think