Saturday, December 11, 2010

Kim Harrison- Unbound

Rachel is off in the Here After working for Big Al. Jenks tries to get his wife to take a curse that will allow her to live double her life span. Pixys only live 20 years and Jenks' wife is 19 years old while he's 18 years old. He knows he will lose her soon, but she refuses. A younger Pixy father comes to Jenks' garden and asks him to help because he knows he works with Rachel and Ivy to save people. He tells Jenks that something is killing his newlings. Newlings are pixy babies that they don't name until they live for a certain amount of time because most Pixy babies die because of the weather. There's a ghost taking over his children using the Ley land and it's killing them. Jenk goes to the young father's home to learn he lives in a park and the statues are what's killing his children. Jenks decides to blow it up to free the trapped Being that is inside. Will that save the children? Is the ghost good or bad?
My Rating: 3.5 

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