Sunday, December 26, 2010

Kira Lerner- Tropical Treasure

This is a very special book- it's a one of a kind story starring ME!! Yes for Christmas, LT had a book made for me with me as the main character. Check out the side of the pic it says "starring Wendy & Liam" Yay!!!
Wendy is a young woman who just caught her boyfriend cheating on her, her dog Ryley (yes in real life my dogs name is Ryley) found a teddie nightgown and was dragging it around, come to find out her boyfriend was sleeping with a man in her own bed. To get away from her pain and sorrow she decided to try out for a reality game show that takes place on a tropical island. She is chosen as one of the six contestants. The first day on the island she is in the cottage where everyone will be staying and runs into Liam, who is wearing nothing but a towel. He picked the room with the best view the same thing Wendy was trying to do. They start off fighting and flirting about who was in the room first when LaTonia walks in and explains to them both that she was actually the first one in the room because if they bothered to look in the top drawer they would have seen her clothes there. LaTonia decides she wants Wendy as her roomie so Liam has to leave to find another room. Later that night all the contestants and the host get together to get to know each other. Erikka is a skinny woman who thinks she is the only one out of the six that could possibly win the whole thing plus she wants to get a magazine spread from being on tv, Wallace is a shy Vet who wants to win so he can pay off his school debts, Oscar is the oldest player who is a workaholic and needs the money to retire, LaTonia is there for fun and to win the money to open her own business, and finally there is Liam, he is there to win the money to save his company. Erikka is asked on the first night who she thinks will be the two that hook up and she thinks it will be her and Liam. LaTonia is outspoken and let's everyone know her opinion about that because she thinks it will be Wendy and Liam because of the way he flirts with her and how he can not take his eyes off of her. Every day they have individual challenges and group challenges that they can win so many points on and at the end of three weeks whoever has the most points has a chance to go for the one million dollar price. Wendy tells LaTonia that Wallace keeps looking at her and that maybe she should go for it, but they all signed contracts saying that any and all interaction between contestants have to be on camera but LaTonia and Wallace started sneaking off late at night to hook up. Wallace is always running in last place with the points and LaTonia is worried they are going to get caught. Liam and Wendy end up at the TreasueQuest prize on one of the challenges and have to work together, Liam has to lift Wendy on his shoulders and finds out that she is afraid of heights. They work together and end up kissing on camera and decide it can't happen again. Wendy thinks he is arrogant because he cares more about winning than anyone else's feelings. Wendy and Liam get into an argument that is brought on by something Errika said and Wendy takes off on her own for a walk, Liam catches up with her and he explains some things that have happened in his life explaining why he is really there and what he needs from the game. They catch a glimpse of LaTonia and Wallace rolling around in the sand getting busy, Wendy ask Liam to please keep it to himself and he promises that he will. One of the rules to the game is that any of the contestants can go to the host in private and ask for Secret Challenge, that challenge can can be anything that sabotages the other players but if the other players guess that they are being fooled they get to take that persons points. Saturday before the live show Wendy is called into the green room and told that Wallace is being kicked off the show and LaTonia is being striped of all her points for being together off camera, the host hints to Wendy that someone told on them. As she is going upstairs to talk to LaTonia she runs into Errika who tells her that she saw Liam leaving the green room early the previous morning. Upstairs Wallace is telling LaTonia to not trust Wendy anymore that she is probably the one that told on them. During the live show it is announced that Wallace is leaving and everything that happened, the host ask LaTonia who she thought told on them and she said she thinks it could possibly be Wendy. Wendy says she would never do that to them and when the other contestants gang up on her she walks off the stage area. Liam goes after her and they finally hook up but the next day he acts like it was not as important as it should have been. It is the last few days he explains to her what he is feeling and on the last live show it is announced that Oscar is the one who told on Wallace and LaTonia. When the points are awarded Oscar is in first place, Wendy in second, Liam and Errika are tied for third with LaTonia in last place. When the host tells them that there is one last challenge they all go for it, Liam and Wendy end up getting to the prize at the same time and split the points. With that one last challenge Wendy is now in first place but to her horror to win the one million she has to cross a rope bridge that is pretty high up. Liam and LaTonia cheer her on the entire time and Errika is pouting and telling her she is too much of a wimp to complete the challenge. Wendy falls to her knees once and says she can not complete it, she asked Liam and LaTonia to talk to her and with their help she was able to cross the bridge to get her key to the treasure chest with one million dollars worth of gold in it. In the end she finds out that Liam did have a Secret Challenge and it was to sleep with Wendy which he did then he lied to the producers and said that he didn't, if he would have told the truth he would have been the winner even after the last challenge. So at the end he tells Wendy she is worth more than the money and she is every thing he ever wanted.


  1. wow that was too cool for words... I was kindla a bad friend in places in the book.. But i'm glad it all worked out.. How how was Liam in nothing but a towel and wet..... YEAH BABY!

  2. You were a good friend in the book, just got a little confused when you were hearing different stories from so many different people. You knew I had your back- lol. Look book Wendy and real Wendy LOVED Liam in a towel- enough to wipe the drool off my chin!!

  3. Enjoyed the review, thanks very much. You might want to check out Fierce Moon, a personalized werewolf novel from the same author.