Monday, December 27, 2010

Shayla Black- Haunted by your Touch

The Doomsday brethren are group of 7 Wizards trying to save MagicKind and ManKind from Mathias set on ruling the world. Raiden and Ronan Wolvesey were known as the playboys of MagicKind. They were told that their family was cursed, and if any male mated their mate would die. Being wizards, sex helped to charge them and it was a different woman every night until Raiden's twin fell for a human and mated her. Raiden had already impregnated a woman, but in his family they never saw the same woman twice and would raise their younglings but not mate the mothers. But because Raiden was apart of the Doomsday Brethren he felt he couldn't be a good father with or without being with the mother, Tabitha. After her family learns of the pregnancy they convince Raiden to let her be mated to another man who was safer, until the evil raised from the dead. Wizard Mathias kills her whole family in search of information. When Raiden thought she was dead he realized he couldn't live with out her. Now all he has to do is save her. Will she accept him after he gave her away? Will the Brethren figure out how to kill Mathias?
My Rating: 4.5 

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