Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Amanda Ashley- Everlasting Kiss

Even though Daisy O'Donnell was raised in house full of Vampire Hunters, she never had the stomach for it. But since she had the training she would steal vampires blood while they slept and sell it, which earned her the title of Blood Thief. Well this time she stole blood from the wrong female vamp. That vampire went to her maker and asked for help to find and get rid of the Blood Thief. Erik Delacourt is over 200 yrs old and is just tired of being tired. Until, after years of feeling nothing he sees Daisy in a night club. Their eyes meet and they both know this a something special, Eric ask her to dance and the closeness they both felt was mutual. Daisy is so shocked by these feelings after the dance she runs off, only to think about Erik nonstop until she couldn't stand it and headed back to the club to see if he was there. He was and is waiting for her. They date, going out to the movies and dancing, doing normal dating things. Neither of them knowing who and what the other was. Until Daisy goes out on a blood job and finds Erik's lair. After he learns she's the Blood Thief he knows Rhys, the Master of the city, is after her but he doesn't know her scent or looks. That's until Alex, Daisy's older brother comes to town looking to take Rhys' head for a 200K reward. With Daisy's help they find Rhys' lair, but Alex is not much of a fight for him and is soon turned into lunch. Daisy saves her brother by staking Rhys but missing his heart. Not knowing what to do with her dying brother she takes him to Erik knowing his blood can save him. Erik makes the hard choice of helping them knowing it may turn Rhys against him. Will they get away from Rhys? Can a Hunter and a Vampire make a relationship work?
My Rating: 4.5

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