Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blood Spells- Jessica Andersen (book 5)

Patience & Brandt were the only mated couple to join the Nightkeepers, not knowing that each of them were a Nightkeeper until they were called by Strike, their King. They had found each other in the normal world still hoping that they may not be needed for the Nightkeepers. Twenty five years ago their families were all killed when the King thought he could stop the Doomsday, but he was wrong leaving only a few kids and those kids were raised by the Winikin. The Winikin are the people born to help the Nightkeepers. Doomsday is 2 years away and Stike has sent away Patience and Brandt's twin boys for their safty. Twin full blooded Nightkeepers are very important and with the rest of the team fighting evil every other day Strike felt it would be better if the twins were keep away from the rest of them. No one was to know where they were. Patience couldn't handle her boys being away so she hired someone to find them. Thinking she would only watch them from a far. Brandt who loved his wife and boys more then life started to pull away. He would tell her that the world being saved came first then their love and family. So while being a mated pair was better and more powerfully, they turned into roommates. Patience finally realized that it's better to leave the boys in hiding and never went to see them. It was later learned that Brandt had made a deal with the Gods to save his life and without realizing it he promised them 3 lives for his. He had already lost his two best friends who had tried to save him when he asked the Gods. They had driven into the lake, Brandt was locked in and drowning, his friends tried to swim back and save him but were sacrificed to save him. Once joining the NightKeepers his inner warrior knew that the 3rd person to die would be his wife, So he stop trying to love her and the boys. Will they find each other again? Should Patience even take him back? Can Brandt ever love again knowing it may kill his wife?
My Rating: 4    

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