Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- A Christmas Kiss

Jessica was the girl from Aiden's book that was the traitor. She told her father the locations of the alpha and other cabin locations. It's been a year later and she was released as it was not her fault what she did. Her father had slipped her drugs. Hawke stayed away all this time to prove her innocence. He didn't want anyone to accuse her of being a traitor. Jessica has snuck away from her guard and now she realizes someone is shooting at her. Hawke gets to her and takes her back to her cabin. He is mad that she was out there without her bodyguard. Of course Jessica had locked her bodyguard in the basement. Hawke tells Jessica that there is nothing between them now. Hawke takes Jessica out and while she was confined that year he built her the house she sketches. Jessica was so emotional and she knew that she would never let Hawke go. They go to the Christmas Eve Party where Wolfe announces that she is part of the pack. Hawke and her go back to cabin where he gives her a gift. It is a Christmas ornament of an angel that looks like her and  a wolf beside her. He tells her that is their first ornament since it is their first Christmas. Then Hawke goes unconscious. Todd is in the house and he states that he drugged him and he is here to kill her for betraying them. Jessica tells him some info about the mating heat in order for Hawke to get to him. Hawke comes to and he takes care of Todd. It ends with them telling each other their love for one another. Thank you Sandy 

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