Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- Bengal's Heart

It starts with someone sending messages to Cassa about killings that have been done. So Cassa goes to the town where the last killing was because the person told her where the body was located. Cassa goes to the place and then she is chased by the coyote Dog but Cabal comes and tells him to leave her alone. Cabal tells Cassa that she needs to leave, of course she won't because this is her story. Jonas covered the killings of these men because they don't want the public to know that a breed is killing humans. Cassa is there to keep the public from knowing because she doesn't want the public to turn against them. She feels that Cabal blames her for the loss of his family. She was a part of it because her husband betrayed them to the council. What Cabal hasn't told her is that her husband Watts is alive and he is just locked up. Dog meets up with Cassa again and he tells her to think why she was brought into this. Then she realizes that Watts is still alive and Cabal tells her that the marriage ceremony wasn't real. Meanwhile the breed referred to as Death is wanting Watts here because he knows the last four names of the Deadly Dozen that took away a lot of his pack. Death is Patrick Wallace but his lab name was Azrael. He is a very efficient killer. He brought Cassa into it to lure Watts to him because he is wanting the last four names of the Deadly Dozen and he wants to know where his son is that Watts took. Cassa and Cabal decide to do some more research and there is an explosion in their vehicle. Cabal tells Cassa to get out but then there is a van and it takes Cassa. Cabal is furious so he follows the Danna. Azrael tells Cassa why he brought her to get Watts here and that he will only hurt her if Cabal hurts Danna or Myron. Cabal uses Danna's phone to locate where Azrael is but by the time he gets there they are gone. Azrael plans on trading Cassa to Watts to get his information so they have left to meet him. Jonas tells Cabal that and he rushes to get there. Watts gives Azreal the information and Cassa runs for it so Watts can't get her. He chases her and hurts her but she fights back and then Cabal comes and Watts is restrained. Cassa has been shot and Cabal fears that he is losing her but she is okay. It ends with Jonas going to Watts and getting the names of the four men and the last location of Azrael's son. Thank you Sandy

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