Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- Coyote's Mate

It starts out with Anya going to Del Ray to help get five coyote breeds out of a lab. Del Ray explains to her that it will take time but Anya does everything he asks of her. The only thing Anya asks that he does not hurt her father and cousins. Del Ray gets to the lab and rescues the female breeds but he takes her prisoner and shoots her father and cousins. They are fine but Anya feels betrayed. Del Ray kisses her and he knows that she is his mate. Anya is upset, she goes to Breed council and asks for a separation from her mate. Del Ray makes her his coya so she is in charge of the caves while he is away. Del Ray comes back eight months later and is determined to get Anya back. Del Ray is proud of the way she has run the camp. Anya wants to create a home environment for them. She tells Del Ray that they need to work on the kitchen rotation because coyotes tend to be lazy and get ready for the other coyotes that will be coming to them. Anya walks in and sees Sofia in Del Ray's arms. She is upset and Del Ray explains to her that she is a spy for them and doesn't mean anything to them. While at a party a breed tries to get Anya and Del Ray. They leave to go back to base but on the way back they are fired at. Del Ray goes after them and he is hurt in the process. While he is at fighting Anya runs the base very well and then rushes to him at Haven. She goes to see him and Del Ray asks for Brim his second in command and of course Anya is hurt by this. Brim watches Del Ray while he is recovering but Anya decides that is what she is supposed to do so she tells Brim to leave. Then she sees that Sofia is in there taking care of him. She tells her to get out and to stay away from him. Hope asks Anya about the ceremony and when she wants to have it and Anya will talk to Del Ray about it. Anya explains to Del Ray that they need to have their own doctors here and he doesn't want to agree because he doesn't trust them. Anya then asks about the ceremony and he states that the ceremony doesn't need to take place. Anya is hurt but Del Ray is doing it to protect her because he doesn't want her to become a target with the official ceremony. Through the base the order is sent that Anya is not the coya anymore. Jax sees Anya and he questions her about what she has done to Del Ray. He feels that she has betrayed him. He grabs her and they fall and she hurts herself. Del Ray finds out what happens, he is mad and he rescinds the memo and states that she is coya. He tries to find her and realizes that she is gone. Anya has left with three of the breed coyote women to meet with the two scientists that know about the coyotes. She goes to meet up with them and the spy that was within the base gets to them first. Del Ray and the others get there also and takes care of the council plus the spy. Jax is taking Anya to safety when a coyote comes out and tries to get Anya. Jax moves in front to protect her but Anya refuses to let him get hurt. She sees the coyote pull the gun and she moves Jax and she gets shot. Del Ray gets to her and they take her to Haven for medical treatment. The scientists she met with save her life. Del Ray tells Anya that she is his soul. It ends with them having the ceremony. Thank you Sandy

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