Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- Cristmas Heat

It starts out with Haley hearing about the information the spies are giving the pharmaceutical companies. Then a month later, Haley is at the libary with her friend Patricia talking about the snow. Patricia is complaining about it because she will be stuck at her house, so Haley lets Patricia use her truck so she doesn't get stuck. Patricia leaves and there is an explosion, the explosion is from Haley's truck. It destroys the truck, killing Patricia and does damage to the library too. Noble hears about the call, he heads to library because he is afraid Haley was killed. Haley is really upset because her friend is dead and then the sheriff tells her there is a breed dead also. Haley thinks that it is Noble but she hears his motorcycle roaring down the street and knows that he is okay. Haley, Noble, and Jonas go to her house to keep her secure. Jonas tells her that he will find out who did this, Noble gives him a two week deadline. Noble watches Haley grieve over her friend and the breed Jason. She feels that it is her fault but Leo says that she can't blame herself for the actions of what other people do. Noble explains to Haley about the mating heat and that he knows that she is his mate. Jonas tells Noble that they know an assassin name Uriels is the one after Haley and they are getting information on who it is. Alaiya shows up at Haley's house and Noble knows that she is the assassin. Haley gives a gun to Noble who then uses it and kills Alaiya. Then her mate English comes down and starts cutting on Noble. Haley shoots him. It ends with Noble spending Christmas with Haley and her family. Noble also proposes to Haley. Thank you Sandy

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