Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- A Jaguar's Kiss

Natalie has put in an application to teach at a Breed school. Saban comes to her house to let her know that she has got the job and he will be her bodyguard. Natalie's ex husband Mike Claxton shows up at the house. Saban has his hands wrapped around the man's neck because he just walked into the house and he thought he was going to hurt Natalie. She tells Saban to let him go and she packs up her stuff to go to the new town of the school. Saban has been going everywhere with Natalie and he is getting on her nerves. He's been flirting with her the whole time but she is afraid of letting another man have control over her heart. Saban tells Natalie that he has read books about how to attract and treat your woman. Natalie is stubborn and hard headed, she is tired of Saban so she calls Callan to tell him to get rid of him and send another guard. Saban gets mad and he kisses her, it starts the breed heat. She is mad at him for doing that to her and tells him that it is the same thing as rape. Saban does feel bad about what he has done, she comes out and tells him that she is sorry for saying that. Then one evening Claxton shows up with the sheriff and he tells the sheriff that Natalie has been drugged and needs to be taken away from Saban. Saban is furious and tells him to leave. She tries to explain to Claxton that there is nothing wrong with her and then he touches her, of course it causes her pain. So Saban attacks Claxton she asked Saban to let him go. Natalie calls Claxton and tells him to leave her and Saban alone that is over between them. Claxton tells her just to meet him for five minutes. She agrees to do this because she wants Claxton gone so Saban doesn't have to worry about him anymore. She wants to spend her life with Saban with no problems between them. When Natalie meets Claxton she realizes that he has truely lost his mind. Claxton grabs her and tries to get her into the van that is coming for her. She fights him and that gives enough time for Saban to get to her. He pulls her inside and the look she sees from Saban breaks her hurt because she sees that she has betrayed her mate. Saban goes out to the scene and lets Claxton go because he does not want Natalie to feel any regret over his death. Saban goes with the other breeds to take the scientist they have back to a cell and he sees Natalie and her hurt look calling for him so he just leaves. Saban returns back to Natalie's house hours later to find her hurt. Natalie tells him that she made a mistake and will never do it again but he left her without trying to solve the problem. Saban apologizes for it and they each confess their love for one another. Special Thanks to Sandy

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