Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- Lion's Heart

Rachel is Jonas' secretary, she can stand up to Jonas like no one else can and she is his mate. She is pregnant and after she has had the baby, she goes to the office and tells Jonas that she knew his enemies wouldn't go after him they would go after someone he cares about. They have Rachel's baby and want the files he has. Jonas and the other breeds go with Rachel to get Amber back. They get Amber back but Brandenmore injected her with something. Ely, Elizabeth and Amburg say it is just a sedative and that she should be fine but will keep an eye on her. Jonas wants Rachel to come to him as a mate. He doesn't want to take that choice away from her. They have a meeting with Racert and he wants Jonas to take some of the money that the government gives the breeds out for them to use. Jonas refuses and Racert says that he will regret it. They go to a party and then they are informed that someone tried to kidnap David again. They leave to go to the heli jet to take them to Sanctuary but there are people after them. Rachel sees her sister Diana and she tells Jonas to get her out of there or she will. They take off and go to Sanctuary and he goes to find Harmony because she went after the people who shot at them and hurt Lance. Jonas comforts his sister and tells her everything will be okay. Rachel and Jonas go in for tests and that is where Rachel and Leo have a discussion. Leo tries to insult Rachel but she doesn't back down and she tells Leo that he needs to be a better father. Devon, Amber's dad, comes to Sanctuary and tries to take the baby. He doesn't get her because Devon signed away his parental rights. Jonas realized that Brandenmore was with them because his scent was on him and Jonas wonders why he wants the baby so bad. Callan told Jonas that he has to go to Washington and meet with Senate. Racert says that the breeds have done a mission against the country and is trying to take the money away from him. Jonas and Rachel fly to Washington and then get in limo to to go to the meeting. But Svenson a guard for Brandenmore is there and he takes them to a cabin. Brandenmore says that he will do Jonas a favor by taking the child for him, since the lion doesn't like to care for a child that isn't theirs. Of course Jonas refuses to give Amber to him because he has claimed the child as his own. His team is there and they come in and take care of them. They take Brandenmore with them. Jonas knows that Brandenmore did something more to Amber and so he acts like he is going to kill him. Brandenmore then tells him if he does the baby will die. Jonas doesn't like to have Brandenmore there to help Amber but he has no other choice. Jonas and Leo come to terms and he calls Elizabeth his mother. Then he goes back to his mate and daughter. Thank you Sandy

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