Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lora Leigh- Mercury's Way

Ria goes to Sanctuary stating that she is there to evaluate to see if the Vanderale funding will still be helping out Sanctuary. She explains that she is there to read their files of the transmissions that goes out. Mercury is assigned to watch Ria while she works. They like each other and while she is reviewing the files Mercury goes to her. Ely tells Mercury that it looked like he was raping her. This upests Mercury and Ely takes his blood. She feels that Mercury is having trouble with the feral displacement that is in his blood. He experienced this when he was told Alaiya was dead. He thought Alaiya was his mate and he killed a lot of the scientists in the lab with his bare hands. Ria is mad that they are accusing Mercury and she threatens Callan, Jonas, and Kane that she will stop the funding. Ely tells Callan and them that the feral displacement is in Mercury again and she is afraid of what he might do. Mercury was told that he has been stripped of his uniform and position for now. Mercury feels betrayed by it and Ria is upset about it. Callan has told Kane and Jonas that he did not give that order about Mercury. Kane gets a call and it says that they will lose there funding from Vanderale because Ria called them and they are coming to pick her up. Mercury and Ria care about each other and they finally get with each other. Both of them feel bad because they do not have any symptoms to indicate that she is his mate. Mercury comes awake because he knows that someone is in Ria's cabin. Mercury attacks them and he knocks out Dane and hurts his bodyguard. Ria is upset and Mercury pulls her away from Dane because he doesn't want her to touch another man. Ria tells Mercury she was crying and upset because she was afraid they would take him away from her. Ria tells Callan and the others why she is really there to get the spy because he is giving important information about the mating heat test results. They have a plan to get them at an upcoming party. Ria is having a bad feeling. She gets these feelings when she knows that she is going to be left alone. Ria and Mercury are called to office and when the door opens Alaiya comes out and goes to Mercury. Ria is devastated and she leaves with Dane. Mercury tells Alaiya that she is not his mate and she knew it. Ria tells Dane to take her back to cabin and she cries by herself. Mercury goes to Ria and claims her as his mate. She feels that he might regret what he did later. Leo and Elizabeth come because she is going to run the mate tests on Ria, Mercury and Alaiya. They go to another party to try and catch the spies again. Ely comes in and is not herself. She pulls a gun and has it aimed at Jonas. She tells Mercury to give himself the drug that helps the feral displacement. Alaiya distracts Ely and they get the gun and take Ely to help her. They capture the spies, it was Ely's assistant and a nurse. Ria and Mercury are mates and Alaiya has mated with someone else. Ria and Alaiya fight it out because Alaiya still thinks Mercury is her mate. Ria wins and she is mad at the other men for just watching the fight. It ends with Jonas going to Ely and explaining to her that it will be okay and that she will not be compromised again. Thank you Sandy

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