Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mari Carr- Rough Cut

Gwen Preston is a writer of loving short stories, but when she decides to write her forbidden wants like pleasure and pain, she writes under the alias of Michael. She had been hurt once in her life by a man you claimed to love her until she told him about her need for BDSM he tried but he wasn't into it, it tore them apart and she was left broken hearted. Ty Ransome is an action star and he's tired of only making action movies, he feels he's getting older and he wants his career to be taken more seriously. So after seeing Gwen on a tv interview show he went out and purchased all her books. He was drawn to the story called The Darkest Night. But it was written by Michael, when he was unable to find Michael the author he talked to some of his publisher friends and found out that it was an alias for Gwen . He started calling and emailing her hoping they could write a screen play for a movie to help change his look in Hollywood. But he also realizes that Gwen is the perfect woman for him because he hates hiding him Dom side. Will Ty be able to get Gwen to overcome her fear of showing her true side of being a submissive? If you don't like Domination and Submission this not your type of story.. But even for me it wasn't too hardcore it was BDSM with love.
My Rating: 4   

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