Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nina Bruhns- Shadow of the Shieikh (book 2)

Finally, I have the second book to this new series I loved so much about three sisters taking on their parents life work after their mother disappeared and their father searched for her to 20 yrs before walking into the Egyptian desert. Gillian the youngest sister of the 3, falls for the Shape-shifting black stallion who had died 125 yrs before, Lord Rhys Kilpatrick. Before running away to the enemy cult, Rhys gave his good friend Sheikh Shahin Aswadi who was a shape-shifting hawk and the captain of the guard for Seth Aziz, the moon Demigod/vampire. Rhys gave Shahin a letter to give to
Gillian's two older sisters so they wouldn't worry about her. But as soon as Shahin laid eyes on the sisters he knew that Gillian was not to meant to marry Seth Aziz like they thought but her older sister Joss was. But nothing prepared him for the feelings he felt when he saw Gemma, the middle sister, unlike her sisters she was a redhead instead of a blond. But Shahin swore he would never trust another women with his feeling after being betrayed by one and his family sold her to Ray the Demigod/vampire of the sun and the enemy of his and Seth Aziz. Ray has been after Seth's sister for 5000 years and would do anything to get her back. Seth is growing weaker by the day because he thought Gillian was his mate but when she ran off with his best friend he thought all was doomed until he learned of the older sister that could have been Gillian's twin. So when his sister saw his mate in a dream she could have gotten Joss and Gillian mixed up, so he had hope for love again. But Gemma had warned her sister Joss to run after she herself was kidnapped by Shahin. After he told her why they wouldn't be able to return to their old life. She wanted to give her sister a choice. Gemma gets a dream visit from Gillian and is told her parents are still alive and also living in the Cult of the sun with their enemies. Seth still believes Rhys is his friend and is spying for him while he's in the Cult of the Sun.
My Rating 4.5

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  1. I wanted to read 2 and 3 together but the lovely publisher held the kindle book to release it like a month afterwards.. what crap us kindle reader area REAL readers too damnit! lol ok i feel better now